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Please read carefully this section, which sets out the terms of use of the "virtual mirror" application (hereinafter: "the virtual mirror") operated on the Danya (GA-DE) website before using it. These terms are in addition to and without derogating from the generality of the terms of use of the website.  

Use of the virtual mirror indicates your agreement to these terms and you are therefore requested to read these terms of use carefully. If you do not agree to the terms, please refrain from any use of the virtual mirror.  

Danya reserves the right to change these terms from time to time without advance notice.  Your continued use of the virtual mirror indicates your agreement to these changes.

The virtual mirror is a service which enables you to examine Danya (GA-DE) products on an image of your face by means of your device (telephone, tablet, computer, etc.) (hereinafter: "the device").

Use of the virtual mirror necessitates an interaction between the camera of the device and Danya's website.  

Firstly, you are required to use a device containing a camera. At the time of choosing the product, you will have the option of clicking on a symbol, such as "See how the shade looks on you". After you have authorized the use of your camera, this authorization will enable use of your camera, which will show an image of your face with the shade which you have chosen.

 Please be informed that without a camera and/or without your aforesaid authorization the virtual mirror will not operate.

You will be able to browse through the shades and afterwards to add the selected shade to the shopping basket. You will also be able to get a screen-shot using the camera icon and to share the screen-shot with your friends.

Be informed that Danya will not save any of your images generated during any of the stage of the process mentioned above.  

Danya does not undertake that the virtual mirror will always be available and that the product displayed on the simulation image is in stock.  

The virtual mirror is a simulation of Danya (GA-DE) products on the image of your face. It only provides an illustration of use of Danya (GA-DE) products. The final result may not be identical to the simulation image, as it depends, among other things, on the quality of the camera, the lighting, the screen and/or the equipment in your possession, etc. The simulation is only intended to enable you to gain a first impression of Danya (GA-DE) products.  

Danya will not be liable in any manner for any discrepancy between the simulation image in the virtual mirror and the actual result and/or for unsuitability of its products for your skin.

The recommendations given by means of the virtual mirror do not in any case replace qualified professional advice and/or medical advice and/or actual trial of the Danya (GA-DE) products on your skin. 

The simulation image does not oblige you to purchase the product.

You will be able to use the virtual mirror without providing personal data. If you choose to register on Danya's website, Danya will be able to collect your personal details and to use them in accordance with the privacy policy published on the website.

Danya respects the privacy of the users of the website. Danya therefore publishes a privacy policy which reflects its conduct with regard to collection, management and use of private information collected on the website. It is advisable to read the privacy policy before using the website generally, and particularly before providing personal details. The privacy policy is an integral part of these terms of use. As the privacy policy may change, it is advisable to reread it from time to time.

We emphasize that if you do not wish to enable us to collect personal details about you, do not provide us with such information.

You may only use the virtual mirror for private and personal purposes. You are not acquiring rights of any kind in Danya's website (including in the virtual mirror application). You may not use or display in public or copy or deliver to a third party any part of the virtual mirror, including copying, alteration, duplication, editing, translation or processing of content for other websites, in electronic publications of any kind, in computer software and applications, on telephones, by cellular communication, on radio, on television, in print or in any other media and everything connected with and arising from this.   

The virtual mirror is available free of charge, but in order to use it an Internet connection by means of your device is required. Danya will not be liable in any manner for disruption and/or for any technical fault relating to operation of the virtual mirror and does not undertake that all or any of the services provided by it will be provided properly without interruptions and without faults, malfunctions, damages or faults in software, hardware and communications lines of Danya and/or anyone acting on its behalf. You declare that you are aware that the surfing depends, inter alia, on third parties. Danya is not liable for any act or omission of third parties and will not be liable for any damage and/or loss and/or expense caused to you and/or to any third party as a result of the aforesaid. Danya and/or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable for anything arising from use of the virtual mirror and/or related to it, including your information files, software and/or hardware. The services and the information in the virtual mirror are provided for use AS IS. Danya cannot adapt them to your personal needs. You will not have any claim, action or demand on account of their accuracy or suitability for your needs. The use of the virtual mirror services and downloading of data from the website will therefore be at your sole and full liability. Danya and/or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, financial or other, caused to you as a result of use of or reliance on the information published on the website.     

If you have questions/comments/requests, please contact us in one of the ways mentioned in the terms of use of the website.


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