Application Date – November 2015


Privacy Policy

We at Danya Cosmetics (hereinafter "Danya") value the relationship we have with you and respect your privacy. Your visit in our website is subjected to this privacy policy and our terms of use.

Please read carefully the policy and the terms of use prior to the use of this website and before giving your personal information.

Note that in light of the dynamism of the privacy policy, we may change the document from time to time particularly as the services offered and / or contents etc. will be changed. We recommend a re-reading of the policy. Application date of this privacy policy appears above.

 This Privacy Policy describes the type of personal information which we collect on the Danya website at (www.GADECOSMETICS.COM), how we may use that information and with whom we may share it. Our privacy policy also describes the measures that we take to secure that information and the way to access your personal information, to modify and to delete it. It also explains how you can resist the processing of your personal information or to receive messages about our products and services.


The information we collect and the way it is used

Collecting of non-personal information

 While you visit the website, general information which does not identify you personally such as the duration of your stay on the site, the information you were looking for etc. is automatically collected. This information is kept anonymous and used only for analysis and control in order to improve the content and the operation of the website.


Collecting of personal information

If you do not want to allow us to collect personal information about you, please don't provide us with such information.


You can provide us with personal information when you visit the Danya website. For example, if you decide to fill out an online questionnaire, you may be asked to provide some details such as how to contact you (name, e-mail address, mailing address and phone number) and / or additional information, such as your age group, your interests regarding cosmetic products which you use and so on. You do not have to provide this information, but without submitting it you will not be able to enjoy the full services offered such as promotions and so on.


When will Danya Use your personal information

Should you choose to provide your personal details, Danya may use the information you provide in order to send messages to you containing, among other things, advertising, information about events, products, cosmetic advices, promotions and so on. If you have submitted personal information and later regret it and would like to undo it, please contact us in order to remove your name from the list of addresses.

Should you choose to give your cell phone number, Danya shall be entitled to transfer text messages containing, among other things, information about events, products, cosmetic advice, promotions and so on. Danya does not charge for sending text messages, but the cell phone provider may charge you for sending and / or receiving text messages, airtime and any other fees which the cell phone provider charges. If you choose to receive text messages and later regret it and would like to undo it, please contact us in order to remove your name from the list of addresses.

Should you choose to provide us with contact information, Danya will be entitled to send you service messages by any means, including e-mail, regarding the website or contact you regarding requests or questions about customer service etc.

Such messages are required in order to provide service and provide a response to the concerns which you raise and for Danya to be able to grant you with the highest level of service to which it is required.

Danya may use your personal information to be able to provide you with the service and use of the website that suits you personally. For example, Danya may offer you products according to your preferences.


Cancelation of your consent

As mentioned above, if you choose to opt out of the use of your personal information we will delete your data from the database and we will remove you from the mailing list. Please note that if you opt out, we can not provide you with more benefits of Danya and we will delete your personal information, if your application requires so.


Receive / Remove / Edit Info

 Should you request to receive details of which personal information, if any, was collected about you during your visits to Danya website and/ or ask to remove/ update personal data, please contact us using one of the following ways:


Via regular mail to: 

Danya Cosmetics Ltd.

16  Hakadar St. Netanya

By using the "Contact Us" page in the website

To whom the information shall be given 

We will not provide your personal information to third parties for use in marketing their products and advertisements or services to you without your consent. We do not sell and do not otherwise disclose personal information about surfers who visit the website.


Third parties

We may employ other companies or individuals in order to perform actions on our behalf in accordance with this privacy policy. For example, employing data analysis firms, customer support specialists, email vendors, errands and so forth. Such third parties may get access to personal information required to perform their duties but they may not use such information other than on our behalf and in accordance with this privacy policy.

In addition, in some instances, you may get a chance to consent to the sharing of your information with a third party such as another company that sponsors an event or promotion. If you consent, we will share your information with such third party and the information you provide to the same third party will be used for his own purposes, in accordance with his customary policy. 

We may disclose information as required in accordance with any law and any order of the competent authority and/ or the court. Information will also be delivered during a violation and/ or activity that seem, allegedly, contrary to the law. In addition, we may disclose any information when necessary to prevent damage to your body and/ or property and / or to the body and/ or property of a third party.



To ease the use of our website we use cookies files (hereinafter "cookies"). These are pieces of text stored on your computer's hard drive through your browser, and are designed to collect information that shows us how you logged and how you use the website and browse it. These files are necessary for the use of the website.

If you do not wish to receive cookies you can have your browser notify you of cookies or reject them automatically. If you reject our cookies, you may still use the website, but some of its features will be limited.


Minority policy

If you have not yet turned 18 years old, you may browse our website; however, you must not provide us with your personal information. This website is not intended for minors younger than 18 years and we do not knowingly collect personal information from minors younger than 18 years. If we will be notified that we accidentally received personal information from a surfer under the age of 18 years, we will act to erase this information from the system.


Way of protecting personal information

We take data security measures on this website to protect it against disclosure, misuse, alteration and destruction of the personal information provided by you to the website. Since our website is offered to you in an online public net, your personal information which you provide to us is collected in an open network (the Internet) and, consequently, in the case of hack, unauthorized third parties may review it and use it. Therefore, we do not warrant that the website will be impossible to hack to unauthorized access and misuse of the information stored in it.



We have taken many measures to ensure you have a great browsing in our website and that your privacy is maintained continuously. If you have any questions, comments regarding the privacy policy, please contact us using one of the ways listed above. 

Attention: Before using this site, it is recommended to carefully read the terms of use in the website as updated from time to time.