Toners & Cleansers

gentle toning lotion  200 ml

silky-soft moisturizing toner gives skin a soft, fresh, clean and comfortable feeling.

gentle cleansing gel  200 ml

foaming cleansing gel gently cleanse and nourishes skin

gentle scrub cleanser  200 ml

multi-action daily cleansing gel

purifying cleansing gel  200 ml

soothing and cooling cleansing gel leaves the skin perfectly clean, soft and supple

soothing eye makeup remover 125 ml

Gentle waterproof eye makeup remover, removes eye makeup quickly and easily, soothes and calms the skin

soothing cleansing foam  150 ml

foam cleanser gently removes makeup and surface impurities to reveal fresh skin

gommage soie gentle exfoliating gel 75 ml

exfoliating gel leaves the skin smooth and supple, with a healthy glow

gentle cleansing milk  200 ml

a silky cleansing milk that provides fresh and clean glowing skin

purifying toning lotion  200 ml

a toner that leaves skin with a smooth, matte finish

ultimate cleanser and toner 200 ml

a waterproof eye makeup remover leaves skin clean and feeling soft and luxuriously comfortable

clarifying cream mask 75 ml

this clarifying mask thoroughly cleanses the skin while visibly lightening and unifying the complexion