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Since 1985

Founded in Israel, The brand has many distributors around the world, and operates in the major markets of Europe, Australia and the USA.

GA-DE Cosmetics is a brand that will take care of your every beauty need with timeless makeup, innovative skincare ranges and fragrances to arouse your senses.

GA DE's aim is to provide absolute pleasure in every product: looking good through product efficacy and feeling good thanks to fine textures that offer absolute comfort.

The combination of elegance and advanced technology, with comfort, style and luxury will always be a top priority of our brand identity.

With more than 600+ products that suit all skin types, we believe that every woman can feel her beauty with GA-DE.


GA-DE creates luxurious beauty products that meet international standards at truly affordable prices.

​Our products are made from high-quality ingredients with unique benefits for your skin alongside recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials.

Every season we discover new influences, colors and concepts that bring out the consumer's personality and suit her requirements.

GA-DE color collections intertwine beauty, style and
pure modern convenience.

The subtle, highly pigmented colors capture a sense of effortless beauty with ease and simplicity.


Many of our product lines are manufactured in Switzerland, recognized as an international home of innovative technology and reliability.

We seeks out the rarest and most effective ingredients, harnessing science
and chemistry to extract their natural power and create truly unique products that offer women not only excellent skincare products but also a highly sensual experience.

These bring the power of biotechnology to skincare with visible results.



The GA-DE ICON signature fragrance collection takes you on a journey of exploration –one that fuses the careful craft of perfumery with the beauty of nature.

Over the years, the GA-DE brand has launched a rich fragrance collection including 8 scents for women and 4 for men –all inspired by the sensual note of musk. We believe that musk makes a bold statement about sensuality.

Each of our perfumes combines high-quality ingredients with the elegant, harmonious structure of their selected notes, which subtly shift and flow as the fragrance unfolds on the skin.

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