Feel confident…and unlock your beauty

We look our best when we’re at ease with ourselves, living life to the fullest—and our energy captivates those around us. That’s the feeling GA-DE gives you every day.

Feel comfortable…and let your beauty emerge

When your cosmetics are truly wearable, you feel comfortable in your own skin—and nothing can hide your beauty. GA-DE products are made from natural ingredients, with unique benefits for your skin.

Feel sensual…and savor it

Makeup, skincare and fragrances are a reflection of your mood and your sensuous self—that only you can control. GA-DE arouses your sense of femininity no matter which facet of your personality you wish to show the world.

Feel happy

Colors, light and shadows compliment your silhouette and accent your character—and makeup is the brush you paint with. GA-DE makes your beauty routine a source of joy to carry with you to the moments ahead.

Feel the love

Love is the key to every great creation. A love affair with exquisite beauty is where every great collection begins. GA-DE inspires with a sense of innovation and temptation, inviting you to love yourself.

Feel the style

Beauty is a celebration of diversity—in style, shape, color and culture. Glamor is boundless and timeless, captured by each woman according to her unique sense of elegance. GA-DE makeup artists create the colors that invite every woman to wear the unexpected— naturally.

Feel the spotlight

From vivid colors to luxurious scents, effortless beauty attracts attention—making an individual statement and leaving a lasting impression. GA-DE beauty products put you in the spotlight of glamor.

Feel the difference

Bold pigments and velvety-silk textures. A sense of the unique. The experience of luxury. Tone that complement and compliment your natural beauty. For more than three decades, GA-DE has created premium beauty products at truly affordable prices.

Feel unique…because you are

Your uniqueness empowers your sense of beauty. Your sense of self is the essential ingredient in your appearance. Your spirit sets you free. GA-DE brings you the flawless beauty that makes you unique.

GA-DE, Feel the Beauty

We’ve always believed that women don’t just want to look beautiful: they want to feel the beauty. That’s why all GA-DE products are formulated with the health of your skin in mind.

From research and development, through manufacturing and distribution, our chemists and colorists constantly explore new raw materials and techniques, balancing science and artistry with concern for your health and the environment. We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials and avoid animal testing.

GA-DE is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of cosmetics.

Until recently, our prestige products were available only in Israel and only to an exclusive group of customers.

In recognition of its outstanding quality and consumer appeal, Superbrands—the independent global arbiter—named GA-DE cosmetics brand of the year for 2017.

Our passion has won awards, but our greatest source of pride is in helping you feel and enjoy your own sense of beauty. A sense of confidence and sensuality: that’s what we hope you’ll experience every time you chose a GA-DE product.

Look ahead with us, toward endless new possibilities for inspiration and excitement.

Now, wherever you are around the world, you can feel your beauty – with GA-DE.