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STEP 1: Prepare The Skin and Give It Maximum Radiance

Start with the REVIVALIST mask, a gold peeling mask in a that gives a spectacular glow to all skin types. Apply a thin layer of the unique gel texture all over your face except the eyes and lips.

The mask dries in 15 minutes - exactly the time needed to create eye makeup.

Then gently peel off from edges and rinse any excess with warm water

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STEP 2: Eyeshadows and Highlights

Use the limited edition IMAGINE eyeshadow palette that features a perfect mix of 8 universally flattering matte, metallic and shimmering shades, complimenting every eye color and skin tone.

Start by applying the dusty-pink shadow to the entire lid using a round and fluffy brush.

Using the same brush, apply the reddish-brown tone to the outer corner of the eye and blend for a soft look.

Use the light reflecting EVERGLOW LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER to create an illuminating creamy base for the eyeshadow – dab a touch of the highlighter to the center of the lid using your finger and blend.

STEP 3: Eyeliner and Lashes

Create a smoky-eyeliner using the EVERLASTING EYELINER – an Intense, long lasting creamy liner. Don’t just draw a line, apply the liner onto a slanted brush, place the brush against your upper lash line so that it is as close as possible to your eyelashes and move out towards the outer edge of your lash line.

For bold and full lashes start off by applying ESSENTIALS PERFECTING LASH PRIMER to your lashes just as you would apply mascara.

Follow with a few coats of EFFECTIC VELVET VOLUME EFFECT MASCARA before the formula dries.

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STEP 4: Moisture and Radiance To Create a Perfect Base

Amplify your skin's illumination and create a pearlescent glow using the GLOW FX ILUMINIZING PERFECTING CREAM, a luminous tone-perfecting cream designed to blur imperfections and create a youthful and radiant complexion. Massage into skin and let dry.

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STEP 5: Foundation and Concealer

Cover any imperfections and highlight your features with the LONGEVITY FULL COVERAGE CONCEALER. Using the applicator wand apply under the eyes, to the bridge of your nose and over the brows, blend for a natural look.

Complete the look with your favorite foundation we recommend our long-lasting LONGEVITY FULL COVERAGE 24 HOUR FOUNDATION with an airy and light texture that provides full matte coverage, does not stain and maintains the shade over time

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STEP 6: Final Touch

To complete the look, add a gentle touch of color to the lips – use the EVERLASTING  durable double-sided lipstick No. 88 which fits the look perfectly.

if you prefer a slightly bolded look you can replace it with any other bolder shade from our lipstick collection.

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