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Inbal Eitan demonstrates how to create a subtle every-day makeup look using muted nude tones
step 1 accentuate the eyes
Step 1: Accentuate the eyes

Create a beautifully subtle look that exaggerates the eyes using a combination of matte and shimmer shades from the Flair Eyeshadow Palette. Start by applying a neutral matte peach base over the entire eyelid, right up to the eyebrow.

Next use an angled brush such as our Angled eye definer brush #09 to apply a slightly darker matte shade along the lash line, extending it slightly past the corner of the eye to create a cat’s eye effect.

Finish the nude eyeshadow look with a light pressing of metallic gold across the lid to really make the eyes pop.

The Flair Palette is perfect for this nude look with its selection of highly pigmented taupe and brown tones. 

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step 2 prep the skin
Step 2: Prep the skin

Massage a few drops of SENSE 5 Silky nourishing facial oil all over the face to ensure a plump, soft base for makeup application.

Sense 5 is infused with 5 powerful natural-origin actives to provide intensive nourishing benefits, creating a silky smooth foundation for our next step.

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step 3 flawless matte base
Step 3: Flawless matte base

Ensure your skin is looking filter-like flawless all day with a layer of Longevity Full Coverage 24H foundation.

Apply an even layer of this matte, full coverage, second-skin feel foundation using a sponge brush or your fingers.


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step 4 nude lips
Step 4: Nude lips

Define and accentuate the lips using a full coverage matte lipstick in a nude shade. Here Inbal uses Everlasting Long-Lasting Lip Gloss Duo 

This full coverage liquid lip colour dries into a comfortable, colour-rich film that guarantees super long lasting wear. Skip the gloss layer and wear it matte for that 90s supermodel look that in so in right now. 

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step 5 healthy blush
Step 5: Healthy blush

Finish off this beautiful nude look with a light dusting of colour to the cheeks to add a healthy natural glow. Here Inbal uses Velveteen Luxurious Contour Blush Duo.

Apply the soft matte shade to the apples of the cheeks to enhance cheekbones and produce a natural glowing radiance. Skip the shimmer step and leave the eyes to steal the show with this nude matte look

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