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Influencer An Knook demonstrates how to create the perfect soft brow daytime eye using GADE eyeshadow palette in Basics V2.
Step 1: Shading

Start with a light nude shade and blend the color across the lid focusing on the outer corner of the eye. Buff it out using Blending Shadow Brush

Take the deep mauve/ dark brown shade and repeat blending and buffing the color across the outer corner of the eye. 

Use a mixture of pressing motions and small circles to get the desired smoky effect


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Step 2: Depth and Softness

Add depth and create classic smokey crease by buffing and blending the black eyeshadow into the outer corner

Choose a light, almost white, matte color and apply it on the inner eyelid. 

Blending the shadowed section you created in the earlier steps will soften the whole look

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Step 3: Line Your Eyes

Using the INTENSE, long lasting liquid eyeliner, line the upper eyelid, stopping at the outer lash line. 

With a blending shadow brush, blend out the outer corner of the line using a small amount of the black eyeshadow.

Then, take the black and dark brown shadow shades used previously and blend them under the outer edge of the lower lash line using a Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Finish this step by taking a blending brush and using the lighter shadow shade to buff all the way across the lower lash line.

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Complete The Look

Sweep  IDYLLIC Soft Satin Bronzing Powder under the cheekbones and the jawline to add definition and warmth. 

For the final touch to this look, add a brush of pink blush to the apples of the cheeks. Here An uses SELFIE 2 Blush and Highlight Trio in 19 Into the Berries.

To replicate An’s luscious berry colored lips use the GADE’s EVERLASTING long lasting lipliner in Hazelnut followed by GADE’s VELVETEEN 3D MATTE in Bold Elegance

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