Founded in 1985, the GA-DE brand has become a major player in color cosmetics, skincare products and perfumery.


Danya Cosmetics, a leading cosmetics house, upholds the values established by its founder and owner Moshe Bensason, a man with natural artistic flair and a deep love for art and photography. He was the first to introduce a local brand by creating colors to nurture and enhance women’s natural beauty. For him, creating a new product is a quest for perfection and eternity. Love for colors and textures, like music, are his true reasons for living. He has always driven the brand to deliver the very best products, helping women everywhere to look their best.


The GA-DE brand offers a wide spectrum of color cosmetics products in terms of shades and collections, nail and skincare products, as well as fragrances. GA-DE has consolidated its leading status in the local market with the highest cosmetics sales not only by quantity but also by value. In recent years, the brand’s exceptional growth trend and positioning in the cosmetics market have made it a focus of study for several marketing and corporate strategy courses.


Based in Netanya, 30 km from Tel Aviv, the GA-DE headquarters houses all departments within a 7,000 sqm complex. With a strong belief in corporate spirit, GA-DE’s 700 team members in the fields of research & development, product management, QC, logistics, administration, marketing and sales, as well as production and distribution, are all located in-house to ensure optimal efficiency, rapid and flexible decision-making, and an effective organizational structure designed to respond to the most dynamic market conditions.



Inspiring women to “feel the beauty”, we have a responsibility to deliver the best products that will help each woman reveal her own unique beauty.


Our aim is to provide absolute pleasure in every product: looking good through product efficacy; feeling good thanks to fine textures that offer absolute comfort.



Premium products at affordable prices, combining elegance, comfort, style, and luxury.


With deluxe individual packaging that provides complete convenience, we offer the highest quality beauty products to our diverse clients of all ages at affordable, competitive prices. Leading the local market, our brand stands for “affordable luxury”.


We develop products which are perfectly in line with our vision for the brand. We create the finest quality products and adhere to international standards of excellence, based on extensive research and stringent product testing. Our passion for the smallest details gives every product a unique prestige.


As we implement the strategy based on our brand values, we constantly seek new ways to present the next GA-DE evolution through all our product launches.


1 in 2 women in the local market consider GA-DE their main cosmetic brand.

3 in 4 women in the local market have used the GA-DE brand.


Source: Rushinek Research



Inspired by life, nature, art, history, painting, design, fashion and jewelry, we create innovative products that deliver flawless beauty. Every season we discover new influences, colors and concepts that bring out the customer’s personality and suit her needs.



Exciting creative ideas are converted into innovative products. Our team of chemists and colorists studies new raw materials and techniques with meticulous care and extreme precision to present a highly sensual experience to consumers. During this process, we seek to balance science and artistry with international regulations and market demands.



The world of colors is the ultimate expression of art at the highest level. Creating new colors and textures is an ongoing challenge.


Every year, the GA-DE brand’s creative team lends its colorful vision to Shenkar College of Art, a leading Israeli establishment in the fields of art, design and fashion. This collaboration emphasizes the creativity at the heart of our brand, while also nurturing and promoting talented young artists who have the opportunity to express their personal interpretation of color and fashion. Our partnership with one of the world’s finest art institutes inspires us and promises a bright future.


Creating a close relationship with our clients allows us to care for their needs and look out for their interests.


The GA-DE brand has received SUPER-PHARM’s prestigious “Best Suppliers of the Year” award for 10 consecutive years in the category of “Outstanding Service and Excellent Quality Products”. We are very proud to be honored year after year for the best sales, quality, service, ethics, communication and innovation.



The brand began exporting its products in 1990, via local distributors in each overseas market, and is enjoying growing success in this area of activity. In several countries, the brand has achieved remarkable positions in terms of market share.


During recent years, the brand has evolved, developing new colors and collections to meet the preferences of other cultures.


Our marketing teams value every opportunity for communication, presenting our brand spirit, products, knowledge and tools to our distributors around the world.



An expert and dedicated team of creative professional makeup artists present new color collections and product launches in a range of stores.


We believe that colors, textures and fashion are a dialogue with consumers. Fashion and beauty touch our lives in so many ways, and we are proud to offer these flattering colors and textures to our clients, bringing out their best. In line with evolving fashion trends, products that are natural, sophisticated and timeless will always be the main focus of our brand identity.



We always appreciate the support of our community, and are pleased to give back by supporting non-profit organizations through donations and sponsorships. Our high level of environmental awareness leads us to recycle all plastic, paper and glass, use recyclable packaging and biodegradable packing materials, and avoid animal testing.



Our successes in recent years leave us ideally poised for a robust future. Every step of the way, we are confirmed in our belief that consumers worldwide are passionate about beauty products.


We will be faithful to our brand values, creating distinctive collections with a consistent vision to strengthen GA-DE brand awareness around the world.